About the Author
  • 37-year Caterpillar employee managing development and training of our genset sizing software. Alum of Caterpillar's Degree Option Program and Machinist Apprentice Program, a BS in engineering, as well as an MBA foundation.
  • BS Mechanical Engineering, 18+ years with Caterpillar in a variety of technical (Manufacturing, Engineering, Application & Installation) and commercial (Product Definition, Sales Rep, Account Manager, Industry Strategy, Market Research) roles. Most of my experience is with the Electric Power Division where I am currently the Lead Engineer for C27, C32, and 3412 diesel package generator sets... and no, I can not eat 50 boiled eggs.
  • I am a 35 year veteran at Caterpillar, concentrating on our global emissions policy and regulations, carbon market opportunities and trade associations. Previous assignments included working with dealer groups in Russia and Australia. I hold an MBA in EE.
  • I have global responsibilities for diesel gensets 600-7000kW, plus ATS, UPS, and switchgear. My experience includes application engineering, new product management, and integrated systems/controls engineering.
  • Member of the Electric Power Gas Product Group. My primary focus is to help lower O&O costs for end users. I have been with Caterpillar for 20 years and previously was a service manager and technician for a major Cat dealer. I hold a degree in diesel technology.
  • I have been working for Caterpillar since 1995. The majority of my career has involved working closely with Cat dealers to support customers in the Electric Power business. Currently, I work with our dealers to help them improve their product support capabilities to meet and exceed customers' electrical system service needs.
  • I've spent the majority of my 19 years at Caterpillar in Electric Power, working with dealers and customers all around the world. My time at Caterpillar has included positions in product support, new product development and new business development. My current position is the Manager of the Nuclear Team in the Electric Power Division of Caterpillar. Our group focuses on meeting and providing the unique requirements for generator sets going into Nuclear applications.
  • I have worked for Caterpillar for five years. I worked for three years in generator set controls development and I have worked for the past two years on the Electric Power Product Definition team with responsibility for generator controls, ATS, UPS and Switchgear.
  • I spent my early career as a manufacturing and mechanical design engineer at Boeing and John Deere. I hold a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Business Administration from Purdue University. Since 2000, I have worked at Caterpillar delivering sustainable Electric Power solutions around the world. My current role of Global Marketing and Sales Support is focused exclusively on bringing natural gas, renewable energy, and energy efficiency solutions to market.
  • I have been working with Caterpillar since 2002. I have worked with dealers and customers facilitating Electric Power engine and parts sales in the Caribbean and Latin America regions for eight years. In my current position as Market Development Consultant, I work closely with our field-based team and dealers to help support customers with generator set projects in the 10 - 900 kW range.
  • I'm a Product Support Consultant specializing in Preventive Maintenance and Owning & Operating costs for Electric Power Products. I'm a 12 year veteran of Caterpillar and hold a degree in diesel technology from Universal Technical Institute.
  • Lead engineer for Caterpillar’s Gas Application team, responsible for pre-sale application and installation support for dealers worldwide. I focus on alternative/renewable fuel applications, proper selection of Cat product, and design to order projects.
  • Dr. Pawelski joined Caterpillar in 1995. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, an MS from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of North Carolina State University, and a PhD from the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department of Purdue University.
  • I have over 15 years UPS industry experience in sales, marketing and engineering. I am responsible for business development for Caterpillar's UPS and power quality initiatives.
  • I am a senior marketing consultant based in Singapore. I have 27+ years experience in the power industry with 15+ years working at Caterpillar and Cat Dealers.
  • I've been with Caterpillar since 1998 working with dealers and customers connected to the Electric Power business. I hold degrees in marketing and mechanical engineering from Southern Illinois University. My current position as Product Support Sales Manager for Cat Switchgear and ATS enables me to provide sales support to our Global Electric Power organization that includes Advanced Electrical Services.
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